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Storage Clustering….a living research project

This is really just a place holder that I’ll be updating while I examine the various was to skin the cat called storage clustering.  My main focus will be for High Availability and as a shared storage back end for virtual machine clusters.  Also the ability to roll as much myself for a minimal price point.

For the whole, I will mainly stick with linux solutions but I may dip into Solaris land. Mainly for a look see into the golden implementation of ZFS (which supports windows style ACL’s) and it’s implementation of COMSTAR (Common Multiprotocol SCSI Target) for when I examine ISCSI as a fabric.

On my list to expand upon further will be topics such as:

  • RAID, ZFS, LVM abd cLVM, (vSAN), GFS2, GlusterFS
  • Hyper converged infrastructure, oVirt and Red Hats offerings
  • JBOD external enclosures, Fibre Channel, SAS (duel and single plained) and associated hardware, maybe infiniband.
  • iSCSI (IET, LIO and SCST targets), ISER and SRP, NFS
  • Napp-IT, Proxmox.
  • The network fabric, topologies, 10G, 40G. SPF+, QSPF+, ethernet.
  • Cluster managment, RDBD, pacemaker, corosync, fencing, STONITH.
  • Authentication, Access and Accounting, monitoring, testing, validating, orchestration, backup, disaster recovery.
  • Oh and the list goes on.


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