Computing and Networks is awesome

Ever come across a complex command line example on the internet and thought “what the hell is doing exactly?” and stated googling, diving into man files and other help systems. Well I came across this site today and putting it out there as a strong recommendation for bookmarking OK, awesome is over kill.  It… Continue reading is awesome

Computing and Networks

GDM display on the monitor you want

OK! Just a quick one, more a note to myself as I brain spaced when trying to get GDM to display on my desired monitor when my system first starts up. History: I have a duel monitor setup and I’m running Gnome3 and the GNOME Display Manager (GDM) which handles graphical user login, as well… Continue reading GDM display on the monitor you want

Computing and Networks

My libVirt clone/sysprep work flow

Seeing as I’m using a lot of virtual machines for various test and production environments, I thought I would give an insight into the the work flow I am currently using to speed up and ease my creation of VM’s. (also so I have a resource to fall back on). My workstation runs linux.  Using… Continue reading My libVirt clone/sysprep work flow