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Beatport Pro working on MacOS Mojave

I upgraded to MacOS Mojave (from High Sierra) and so far had a smooth transition.  I had do the ol’ update upgrade everything for a number of things to get them to work (e.g. macports) but the one thing that I use a lot that wouldn’t play nice was the Beatport Pro application.  Start crash since repeat.

In an act of desperation I tried replicating a part of the dropbox install process.  When I installed dropbox it asked me, ever so politely,  to manually add it to my Security and Privacy settings under System Preferences.  I did the same thing for Beatport Pro and YAY!

mojave beatport pro

As always….beer and profit.

2 thoughts on “Beatport Pro working on MacOS Mojave

    1. No problem. I think an update got released the other day that addresses the crash on startup issue. Kind of makes this post redundant. But man, talk about frustrating times for a few weeks.

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