Been a while..Been busy

Been ages since I have done anything here.  I have been real busy.  Not much in the way of  diving work but plenty of offshore work going on at the moment.  Heaps of CV’s sent out and lots of follow up, I think I’m starting to get on the radar now with a few dive companies.
I have decided to be picky, I am only looking for offshore dive jobs with large reputable companies (might explain the lack of dive jobs).  I am so over dealing and working for small time civils companies (ma’n’pa outfits), don’t get me wrong there are some good ones out there and most of the time the teams have good guys, but while there’s offshore topside work on with good money, I think I will stick with offshore and keep on pushing for a dive job there.  Leave the civils for the young part 2 guys I say.
I haven’t had to wear BA or chemical suits for a while now, been scoring some easy jobs lately. It make a good change and I could get used to it, but I know I will have to make a nasty vessel entry again sooner or later…later I hope.  Been getting a few calls to go back to one company, they have plenty of labourers but their thechnician numbers are getting light on.  Maybe they should stop and have  think why their skilled workfore attrition rate increasing.  I might say yes but only to the nice and easy projects, let someone else do the hard yards for a while.
Anyway, I need to look at getting onto a few courses that I have had my eye on for a while.

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