Thank god that’s over with

Hot hot hot hot hot humid sticky dirty sweaty hot humid

Well that last trip out was the longest couple of weeks I’ve had in a while.  Good location, good crew, good accommodation and the meals were first class.  But geez, oil and sand, what a shit of a mixture and chuck some old drillers mud and you have goop from hell.  If that was not hard enough, how about throwing in an old pig that crapped its self in the pipe leaving enough rubber and metal to stuff up the pumps.

On the up side, if you have to go offshore, Veranus Island is the premium place to be.  They have the best beach there, the softest tropical white sand, smooth as glass water, crystal clear at that.  We went swimming everyday straight after shift.  Even when we swam out to the moorings, you could see the chains and clump on the seabed.

Oh, the best bit, it was turtle breeding season on the island so everyday there were big and tiny little flipper marks on the beach.  A couple of times when I went swimming, I had a big green sea turtle give me company.  Now how’s that for working in the oil fields.

Anyway its great to be back with the family and some more respectable weather.

Oh, did I mention it was hot and humid, imagine 40 plus and 90 something % humidity, then you have to do a enter a vessel wearing a chem suit.  Lovely.

I think I will try to get more dive work this year.

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