Seems to be the order of the month

Shafted by another company (a different one this time) that had already canned a job on me.

First time they rang me up, booked me in and gave me the spiel. sounded great, about 3 weeks and by the sounds of it, no HAZMAT entry to be made (long line BA and chemical suits).  Yeah other work work offers came in after I accepted the job, but being professional, I knocked them back as I had made a commitment, to the first offer.  Sure enough, a few days before the job started, they call and say its been postponed a month and…um…sorry but tough luck.

Any way, they call back a some time later and say they have a job going offshore (something I gave  done before at the same place for them), it’s only a week but should take me up to the Karratha job that got postponed (which will then flow on to another week long job).  Sound great and I just had that dive job fall out.

Alright now, still bearing with this, we now get to the core of my angst here.  I have written my self off as far as other work goes for the next month so I have been saying no to job offers.  I call then today to get the details on what what’s happening after the Veranus job only to be told that due to scheduling, I have not been crewed for the Karratha job.  Basically, because they put me on the One week job, I have lost out the original 3 week job I was crewed on too.  AND, HR did have enough time to reschedule my placements.  Yep, you guessed it, a quick call to the other companies I turned down was not good, they filled the positions.

Man I’m getting sick of that company, they f*#ked me over last year major on a job.  I might make this this the last job I do for them.

There has been I common thread this month, I’m still trying to work out what it is I should be learning from it.

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