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Don’t you hate it when a company calls you up and says they need you URGENT for a job, for days they go on about it, you get your gear all sorted mobilise to the deployment point only to find out that the jobs been canned.  BUGGER!
Seems to happen a bit in the diving industry.  What I think it is, is that many of these companies jump the gun when they get a call from the client for a project.  Yeah I know there is a lot for them to get together; gear, divers, supervisors, and they need to get it all on site by rediculous time shceduales.  So before they have a purchase order from the client, they start crewing up so that they know they have no issues with HR (yeah everyones got the right ticket, drug free, in date etc etc goood to go).
Sounds reasonable when you look at from the company point of view.  But it is absolute BULLSHIT from the divers point of view.  Especially when you have to turn down other work because they rang you after you already commited to the first job.
I tell myself that that the first one was most likely to be a shit fight anyway if they where trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat at short notice.  Most rushed jobs tend to go that way
Oh well, jobs come and go, got another one to go to next week anyway.

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